Opening Blog

I am new to blogging and looking for a free site to start with that isn’t too dull.

My main reason to start a blog is to document my plans to travel to South America. I have wanted to visit Ecuador for many years however life just slips on by and I’m right where I started, no money saved and no plans of where I am going.

I have decided to make this a reality and planning is under way… when I will go exactly I am yet to decide.

To date I have organised a budget to help me save while being able to pay off the debts i owe. This is the first week of living on the new budget and it’s proving to be very tight! I must plan what I am going to eat and what will work!

I will update in detail on my budget and see if anyone has some ideas to help save!

enough there….. why do I want to go to South America??

I absolutely love the outdoors, I love exploring and seeing new places. I can honestly say I have been extremely lazy the last few years and life has been lived mainly indoors.

I am drawn to the beauty that South America brings with its diverse wildlife,insects, climate and people.

I love photography and wish to start my Journey in Ecuador. The country is quite small yet the terrain varies so much from the Galapagos Islands onto the main beaches of Ecuador.. running into the Andes and also the lush rainforest with a world filled with life.

I will pack a backback and myself and head out on an adventure of a lifetime. I will start in Ecuador and see where it takes me. I am looking into Volunteer programs as I want to help the communities and learn their ways of living.

They are further behind then us in the Western World yet the people seem so happy and welcoming. I have a few friends from South America and they are amazing people.

I am a loner and I love to spend time on my own, this is why I will be travelling on my own yet I also love to spend time with people meeting new friends and learning new things.

Enough babble…………..

I hope you guys enjoy, I just need something extra to keep me engaged and on track to ensure I live the dreams I have had for years.


2 thoughts on “Opening Blog

  1. Keep poistive and stay focus and you will get there. I believe you will do it, some weeks will be hard, some easy, 🙂

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