Three months and counting

I finally started Spanish lessons last week with a nice teacher I found on line. He is from Colombia and after one lesson he has taught me a lot more than I have learnt trying myself. I look forward to our 2 hour meetups each week. I want to have a clear understanding on the Spanish language and be able to speak with people when I start my trip.

I think its important to be able to speak with the people in their native tongue when visiting and I think I will be more helpful in any volunteer work.

The last few weeks have been quite, I have not been planning for the last few weeks. I have really only been working on my budget.

Things will be tight if I want to have enough money for my travels. I am not looking to travel in style but do not want to worry about the funds while I am away. I am cutting back as much as possible with  the bills and selling what I no longer need.

I am still thinking about what my main reason for wanting to travel is? The more I think about it the more confused I get… I look at how I live my life and how much money I spend, its crazy really. The cost of living in Australia is so much yet certain things are essential, like insurances etc..

I want to explore and I want to help people, assisting in anyway possible. Helping with farming, teaching, labour, anything that will help people and their community. I understand I can do the same in my own country but the money goes so much further in South America where the people live off so much less.

My main focus is to travel the country and volunteer as much as I can as long as I can in any one place. I understand that my impact will be minimal yet I hope I can give something. To me tribal communities are better at living then we are. We live in isolation and fear from things that those people would never think of. They fear of diseases and losing their lands. I wonder if my view will change when I go?

I want to meet the native people of South America, and learn about them. How they live and what their lives are about. I want to learn about their religions and practices. I will share my love for God with them and teach them what I live for. I think it’s important to share these things with one another and from there you are open to choose your own way.

I am budgeting to buy myself a camera because I love photography and there are so many beautiful landscapes in South America. My dream would be that my photos could pay for my travel expenses as well as all volunteer donations. I would love to make a documentary of my travels and the people I meet.

I am looking for suggestions on volunteer groups, church groups or anyone I could meet in South America I can stay with or has ideas on where I could start. Any help would be truly grateful.

I will do my best to keep you all updated with what I find. For now take care.

3 thoughts on “Three months and counting

  1. Hey Brenden,

    I can help you on your way as ill be doing some travel videos and documenting the whole experience. Also I find this funny my friend is going to Australia today ! I know of a hostel in Ecuador that will feed and give you a place to stay for up to two months it’s in a place that lacks the allure for tourist as its not very known, but it’s beauiful and the people are amazing, I’m sure I could pass along your information.

    Good luck, Maybe we can meet up sometime down south and ill take you to some awesome places for photography.

    Best regards
    Tyler Chavez

    • Hi Tyler,

      Thanks for your message, I replied but it doesn’t look like it worked. I’m looking forward to seeing your work. It’s great to hear stories of peoples travels. The hostel in Ecuador sounds great, always hard knowing where to go. All of the guide books etc are the main places for tourists and its not really how I want to travel. I want to go to the places a lot of people have missed.

      Thanks again,
      Looking forward to your updates

  2. Hey Brenden,

    Sorry for the late reply I didn’t see your message until now, I hope it isn’t to late.

    My friend Eva at Happy Gringo can help you out with getting situated in that hostel I was talking to you about earlier. The place is in a great part of Ecuador where there’s a bunch of natural and beautiful things to see and do. I’ve had to delay my trip till August as I didn’t have the funds to go in April, I hope your having an awesome time though!

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