>>>— Watch this space —<<< UPDATES LOADING

Well here I am sitting at my family home in Australia 5 days short of being away for one year. I arrived today at 2am on the 22nd of November 2014…….Where on earth have I been the last year? Time flies by so fast. I have been super lazy with updates recently and I am sorry for not keeping you all informed. I am feeling extremely jet lagged right now and have no idea where I am or what I am doing.

I have spent the last two and a half months in Lima Peru receiving treatment for a flesh eating skin parasite that goes by the name Leishmaniasis!! All I can say it was not so much fun. I will have an update coming shortly with details on my recovery which I hope may help others avoid such circumstances.

I can say I did have the best two months with the most amazing family who gave me so much support during this difficult time. I feel so strange to be away from you guys and I cannot thank you all enough for your selfless generosity. Peru feels like my home and I have grown to love the people, the food and well everything about it.

I just wanted to let you guys know I will have updates on there way as soon as possible and I hope you are looking forward to it…

My favorite…. Paragliding solo- Beginners course Lima Peru with Lucho from Fly Adventure http://www.flyadventure.net


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