Where does it all begin?

Buenos Aires, Argentina.. It’s really hard to imagine that I am finally heading away on a journey I have always dreamt about…….. I really don’t feel like it’s real. I don’t think it will until I step foot on the plane. Well only 98 days until I go is what my Trip It app tells me.
I’m all set with my airfares and travel insurance. I have most of my gear and a basic understanding of Spanish. I have a booking with the travel doctor on Monday to go through all my vaccinations and medical needs for the trip.

So far I am yet to have any plans set upon my arrival in Buenos Aires. I fly in at around 7:30pm, I will pre book a hostel and work my way from there.

I have received lots of good advice and ideas from the forums, it’s filled with plenty of great posts and people who want to help share all the information they can on their travels.

I think I will spend around 2 months in Argentina if not a little more due to it’s size. While in Buenos Aires I will take some free city tours to see all the highlights. I am trying to see if there are any organisations that offer volunteer work in orphanages in the outskirts of the city. The search is still on to find something that requires only basic Spanish.

At this stage I would like to head north to Iguazu Falls region to see the amazing waterfalls then I may spend some time working on an organic farm in the area. I came across WWOOFING (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) while searching on line. Looks to be a great way to help out the locals learning their way of living. Each country has it’s own yearly membership fee which is cheap!! Argentina is one of the most expensive I have seen at $38 per year. This allows you to contact any of the registered farms on the list. There are plenty to choose from! you basically organise with them when you can stay and work for them and receive board and usually food also! absolute bargain if you ask me.

From here I don’t have any plans! At some stage I want to head west to Tuzgle, Argentina for some bouldering (rock climbing without rope or harness. Generally at low heights). This place looks amazing!


In saying that, I think everywhere looks amazing and I can’t wait to head off. Just to take it easy and not have to worry about where I need to be will be great.

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